​Subject matter for preschool and primary children

​The most effective activities for young children make it clear what's acceptable and what's not, and teach strategies for saying no and calling for adult help.

Successful activities for pre-school and primary school-age children:

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Secrets to keep and secrets to tell — kidpower.org

Keeping Ourselves Safe (NZ Police)

Sexual violence primary prevention programme for children aged 0-13 years.

About Keeping Ourselves Safe
Read the Keeping Ourselves Safe evaluation (PDF 568KB)

Kidpower NZ (Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower Trust)

Personal safety programme for 8-12 year old children in low decile schools

About Kidpower NZ
Read the Kidpower NZ evaluation (PDF 188 KB)
Case study — evaluating an experiential programme with young children

We Can Keep Safe (Auckland HELP)

Sexual violence primary prevention programme for pre-school children.

About 'We Can Keep Safe'
Read the 'We Can Keep Safe' evaluation (PDF 5.6MB)