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Evaluation guide

​Evaluating an activity helps to confirm whether you're making a difference, and uncovers things that could be changed or improved.

  • Before you evaluate go to page

    ​Rigorous evaluations can tell us if what we're doing is making a difference. Sharing your evaluation means your learnings can improve other activities, too.

  • ​Plan an evaluation go to page

    There are different types of evaluation depending on who you want to be involved and what questions you're trying to answer.

  • ​Evaluation content go to page

    ​Use our tools to identify which activity elements to monitor and the specific questions you need to answer.

  • ​Collecting data go to page

    Collect evaluation data using surveys, focus groups, interviews or observations. Use existing validated scales or use the template to create your own.

  • ​Reporting go to page

    Once you have gathered your data, decide how you'll present it. Evaluations should be shared so others can replicate what worked and avoid what didn't.

  • Finding an evaluator go to page

    Where to find external evaluators and how to choose the right one.